Every mother's worst fear...
Image of book cover She's Gone by Susan Wilkins. A lone female figure standing at a large window looking out onto a dark street.

Marcia Lennox has a life most people would envy: a loving husband, Harry, a beautiful and clever daughter, Phoebe, and a high-flying career. And eighteen-year-old Phoebe has won a place at one of the most prestigious colleges in the country.

 But in her third week at university, Phoebe disappears. She leaves her phone, her credit cards and all her possessions in her room. The police suspect the worst and Marcia’s perfect existence begins to unravel.

 Clinging to the hope that Phoebe will be found, Marcia discovers her daughter has a secret life she doesn’t want to share with her parents. The trail she leaves on social media leads to a very dark place.

 And Marcia knows about dark places. Her carefully constructed life is just a front, created to escape her own past. Can she face her demons to save her daughter?

 An addictive psychological thriller for fans of Rachel Abbott and Lisa Jewell.

Crime thriller fiction from Susan Wilkins. Image of book cover. Close up of Police car at nightfall