After years undercover, Megan relocates to a sleepy Devon town. But the countryside is full of dark secrets too.




On the first day in her new job, Detective Megan Thomas is called to a murder. The body has been hidden in the beautiful Devon countryside. The two women in the nearest house claim to have no idea who it is. So why are they so nervous? And why does Noah, the young child living with them, talk about a visitor hes meant to keep secret?

 Megan is determined to prove she can handle the case. Shes moved to Devon for a fresh start after years spent undercover. But shes forced to ask whether she can return to a regular crime unit. Her memories are too powerful to be buried, maybe too powerful to let her do her job.

 Another body is found on the stretch of beach where Megan swims every day. Then Noah goes missing, and Megan finds herself in a race against time against a vicious killer. She wont rest until she finds answers no matter what it might cost her.

I read it all in a single tense sitting… bags of suspense and action wrapped up in a thrillingly plotted story.

Will have you gripped and enthralled… An addictive read.

 One of the best… Compelling… I loved this book. 

 Brilliant… Had me hooked from the beginning.

 Murders, intricate plot, red herrings and twisted reveals… I knew I had a winner in my hands.

Image of female looking out to sea. Cover for Buried Deep

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Detective Megan Thomas hoped that moving to Devon would mean a quiet life. Her years undercover in London left her broken and alone, unsure if she would ever recover. But when her sister Debbie finds the body of local businessman Greg Porter, any peace she might have found is destroyed.

 Porters wife and children dont seem entirely grief-stricken, and his business dealings are not all they appear to be. So why are the police determined to focus on Debbie? And why is she acting so suspiciously? When Megan learns what happened between Porter and Debbie, it threatens to tear the family apart.

 When a second body and a surprise confession takes the case into even muddier waters, Megan must decide where her loyalty lies with her family, or the truth.

Praise for the first Megan Thomas novel, Buried Deep:

 My favourite read of 2020… I was engaged from the very first chapter… Brilliant.

Extremely compulsive… My attention didn’t waver for a second and I read it in one sitting.

Addictive, gripping, twisty… How this story unfolds is just brilliant.

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Crime thriller fiction from Susan Wilkins. Image of book cover. Close up of Police car at nightfall