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Thank you for visiting the website of best-selling author Susan Wilkins. Here you can find addictive, page turning crime fiction, along with reviews, news, events and exclusive content. 

After a degree in Law and a stint as a journalist, Susan wrote for television for twenty five years. She created the pioneering BBC detective drama South of the Border, and has over 130 broadcast credits to her name including Casualty and Holby City, Heartbeat, Coronation Street and Eastenders. 

Susan’s debut novel, The Informant, was published in 2014, and since then she has been delighting readers with gripping thrillers you won’t be able to put down. 

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Sophie Latham is a tough businesswoman used to getting what she wants. At thirty-nine, with her biological clock ticking, she wants a baby and marriage to her gorgeous personal trainer, Ollie Harmon.

 But Ollie has a younger half-sister he’s desperate to protect. Kristin Kelly is a supermodel, the trophy wife of a controlling billionaire, Sir Gerald Sullivan.

 When Ged is accused of murder, Sophie finds herself drawn into a web of lies and obsession.

 As her fairytale marriage spirals into a waking nightmare, she discovers she’s neither as smart nor as good as she thinks.

A dark psychological thriller full of twists and turns for fans of Paula Hawkins and Lisa Jewell.


Marcia Lennox has a life most people would envy: a loving husband, Harry, a beautiful and clever daughter, Phoebe, and a high-flying career.

But in her third week at university, Phoebe disappears. The police suspect the worst and Marcia begins to unravel.

Her perfect existence is just a front, created to escape a dark past. Can she face her demons to save her daughter?

An addictive psychological thriller for fans of Rachel Abbott and Lisa Jewell.


A gripping political thriller with a shocking conspiracy at its heart.

A heart transplant saved Adam Hardy’s life. But as he recovers from surgery, strange visions surface. Adam’s organ donor wasn’t killed in an accident – he was murdered.

For fans of Michael Crichton, David Baldacci and James Patterson.


Detective Megan Thomas spent years undercover. It cost her a marriage and her peace of mind, but she got the job done.

She moves to Devon for a fresh start, a quieter pace of life – but the countryside is full of dark secrets too.

Can Megan find justice for others, when she’s no longer sure of herself?

The Right Side Of The Line. Free and exclusive when you sign up here.


DC Jo Boden was eleven years old when her older sister, Sarah, was brutally murdered during her first year at University. Her boyfriend, Nathan Wade, was convicted of the killing.

Now, sixteen years later, Wade is being released on licence and documentary film-maker, Briony Rowe, says she can prove his innocence.

Jo grew up believing her sister was perfect in every way, but even she starts to question the evidence which put Wade behind bars. And perhaps Sarah harboured some dark secrets of her own.


Set in London and Essex, the Kaz Phelps series tells a story of ruthless criminals, corrupt cops, obsessive love and the villainy that operates on both sides of the law.

As a teenage tearaway, Kaz Phelps took the rap for her little brother Joey. Six years later she’s released on licence, desperate to escape the violence and turmoil of her Essex gangster family.


What Readers are Saying

She’s Gone

Another addictive, compelling read from Susan Wilkins. The tension builds from the first page. 

Debbie Howells

It Should Have Been Me

A first rate thriller, tense and twisty… a writer at the very top of her game.

Elly Griffiths

A Killer’s Heart

 Unpredictable, intricately woven… I couldnt stop reading.

Goodreads Reviewer

Buried Deep

Compulsive and thoroughly captivating… I read it all in a single tense sitting.

Reader’s Retreat


Always fascinated by the sea, Susan walks along the Devon coast every day. You’ll often find watery worlds in her fiction, from sleepy Devon harbours to the murky depths of the Thames.

Good Reads

You’ll find a wide range of books on Susan’s bedside table. If pressed, her favourite comfort read is Daphne du Maurier. However when writing she prefers non-fiction. Connect with her on Goodreads here.

Cooking Up A Storm

If she needs a break from plotting her latest novel, you’ll find Susan experimenting with a new recipe in the kitchen, or enjoying a cup of coffee in the garden. Her mince pies are very popular, often making an appearance outside of Christmas festivities. 

Bright Lights, Big City

Susan moved to London in 1981, living in various parts of South London before moving to Stoke Newington, opposite a newsagent selling the best homemade Turkish Delight. Her favourite parts of the city are the riverside and Greenwich Park.

Tools Of The Trade

Today, Susan dictates the majority of her books using some handy software – less screen time, more thinking time. But her office still has its fair share of notebooks, whiteboards, post it notes and cue cards to keep every plot in shape.

Estuary English

Although Susan’s experience of growing up in Essex was quite different from Kaz, the heroine in her debut novel The Informant, the county lends itself well to fiction, from colourful characters to even more colourful language…